Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Easy and Cheap

Yep, that's how I like it, quick, easy, and cheap, decorating that is.  When your time and space are limited and you're on a budget there is no other way to go.  Here are some quick tips to spruce up your home and/or creative space.

I have these ugly utility shelves, I hate them but unfortunately they are a necessity right now, I lined the edges with some of my lace trim from my craft stash, mine are temporary so I just hot glued it on but you can use hook and loop tape if your shelves are more permanent, it actually makes a huge difference, especially if you have several lined up your wall

Apothecary jar --$12 @ Winners
Decorative sand --$1 @ Dollarama
Seashells -- couple bucks @ Walmart
At Christmas time I replace the sand and shells with fake snow, bottle brush trees and glitter

Spruce up an old plain lampshade, hot glue some lace trim to the edges

Old napkin holders are perfect for storing scrap supplies such as packs of embellishments, cards, letters, your mail...I used this one for some watercolor and memory pencils, I think I paid  50cents for this vintage one at a flea market

This is easy if you don't have time to sew, or don't know how and need to cover something up. Last year Alex made some misc pieces in woods which were odd sizes, one was this adorable barstool. I found a topper cloth in the closet, draped it over and just tied the corners into knots and am using it as an accent table to hold a lamp, this also works with just a piece of unhemmed material, cut the material into a square, quite larger than the table top you are covering, then cut about an 8 to 10 inch slit at each corner and tie into can't even tell it's unfinished material once it's tied up and it looks very homespun if you use linen and other neutral colors.



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  1. wow ~ what great ideas ~ and so beautiful! love em chickie!