Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Well, I've finally done it!  Joined the world of blogging and what better time to start than the holidays.
I'm just going to jump right into it as it is getting down to the wire, only 10 days until Christmas! It's hard to believe isn't it?

Since buying my tiny little home last year, dubbed "The Dollhouse" by family and friends, I have learned to improvise and be creative for just about everything.  I have become a firm believer in "the use what you have" decorating style more out of necessity than choice.  I know this is how it is for many out there. Due to space limitations I am unable to swap out all of my regular decor for Christmas decor as I just don't have enough room.  I thought I would share some little ideas I tried this year and will follow up with some recipes, scrapping and crafting. 

When I decorate my tree, I always save some ornaments (we always have way too many for the tree don't we?) so that I can use it with ordinary things around my home to give them a Christmasy feel.  Sometimes you don't really need much and your guests will think these were meant just for Christmas. Below are a few simple ideas to add some cheer to even the simplest items around the house.

Wine glass, ornaments, ribbon, beads

Add some garland and a cute ornament to a picture frame

How about just tying a matching bow around a sconce or fixture

Swap out flowers, seashells, or whatever you have in clear vases or jars for some fake snow and trees to create a charming little Christmas scene

Add balls, garland and other Christmas embellishments to dishes, baskets, antique crystal, and china


This unique antique oil lamp, which is a special family piece, has been sadly neglected and collecting dust on a shelf

 It now adds some holiday sparkle to an otherwise drab shelf in my front entrance

Add just a bow, garland or hang a glass ball off statuary, candle holders, etc that you normally have out all year round


  1. Beautiful,innovative and just plain genuis!

  2. Gorgeous, very imaginative and what a delight to see...hope you do more!!!