Monday, June 27, 2011

Sneak Peek Mini Kit Giveaway on Ustream

It's Canada Day this week, Friday, July 1rst and I will be kicking it off with a little giveaway.  I will post the details on my blog before Friday and will announce it on Twitter when it's up but......tomorrow morning I will be showing a sneak peek of the mini kit and the details of the giveaway on my Ustream channel @ 9:30 am CST!  So if you would like to have a peek at the shabby, frilly bundle, come join us for some product show and tell, a quick project and the giveaway sneak peek.  It's easy and free to sign up.  Hope to see you there!!


  1. I'll be there if I'm awake...kinda early PST time. But if not live, I'll check out the recording!

  2. What I love about Canada - there is not enough room here :). Landscape, TV shows filmed there, My family's farm, medical care that doesn't run out (yes I'm an opinionated nurse in PA). so very many things - Canada and the people that live there are awesome!

  3. Hubs and I drove the ALCAN hwy in the early 80's..we loved the beautiful rivers we camped by along the way. I really liked the Yukon River and driving through B.C. The mosquitos are ginormous though! ;-)